Met these vagabonds today at the Love’s in Twins Falls, Idaho just off I-84. They were on their way to Vermont for a cool summer and people. They made Christmas Wreaths for a few months in the fall, and made enough money to get through the year.

They hitchiked, or frequently strangers offered them rides. One person even took them to the airport and bought them tickets. They felt sorry for people who yelled ‘get a job’ to them, since they thought they were miserable people looking to vent their anger and sorrows. They were happy to receive it, and just smiled back.

The couple were very calm, happy to talk and answer questions. A gypsy lifestyle worked for them, at least for a while. They were curious, and wanted to learn about American the Beautiful, and they felt the vagabond lifestyle was an important part of America. Pretty brave, considering how people today have closed their minds, hoping above all to keep safe, by disappearing into the crowd.

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