LOVE LETTER TO EDIE New Blu-Ray Restoration

The Story of Edith Massey (Edie The Egg Lady)

from the director’s original 16mm film!

40th Anniversary Blu-Ray HD Version of  the 1975 biography of John Waters’ Underground Film Star Edith Massey.

Blu-Ray autographed by the filmmaker, Robert Maier

“The eerily unhinged Edith Massey is a performer so genuinely eccentric it’s not clear whether she deserves an Oscar or a 24-hour nurse.” — NEWSWEEK

“Every moment is priceless..”
“You can’t help but fall in love with her personality before the show is through!”
“An absolute must see”
“WOW… I really, really liked this”
“Edith Massey was “THE” Virgin Mary in this Modern life.”
“Incredible footage of the REAL Edith Massey, the late Egg Lady extraordinaire! A must see!”

LOVE LETTER TO EDIE is the true story of John Waters’ underground film star, Edith Massey (1918-1984), of  Multiple Maniacs Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Desperate Living and Polyester aka “Edie The Egg Lady.”

Part documentary and part re-enactment, LOVE LETTER TO EDIE was first released in 1975 on 16mm film.  It has played in theaters and film festivals around the world, received rave reviews, and appears on many ‘best short films’ lists.  It is included in several John Waters film sets from The Criterion Collection and New Line Cinema.  It was excerpted for broadcast TV programs by Channel 4 (UK) and The Discovery Channel.

This new Blu-Ray disc includes the 15-minute LOVE LETTER TO EDIE film.   It also includes a 15-minute video memoir by the filmmaker, Robert G. Maier, which was filmed in 2003.   Robert Maier was line producer on Waters’s films Desperate LivingPolyester and Hairspray.

This HD Blu-Ray was carefully re-constructed from the forty year-old original 16mm Color Ektachrome film rolls and optical master sound track that the director kept safe in over 20 moves around the country.  It was professionally cleaned, restored, and digitally color-corrected from 40 years dust, smudges, scratches, warped sprocket holes, and faded colors by Debenham Media Group and Image Design Productions.  

The result is a sharp, brilliant HD image that equals or surpasses the original film quality.  This is truly a piece of history, rescued!

LOVE LETTER TO EDIE is an insight into John Waters’ post-hippie 1970s Baltimore scene.  It was shot in many of the Waters’ and friends’ favorite Baltimore hangouts:  Berthas, Edith’s Shopping Bag, Pete’s Hotel Bar, The Block, The Broadway Theater, the Fleet Street Rail Yard, and Vince Peranio’s Living Room.

The cast includes Dreamland Studio artists, John Waters, Mink Stole, Susan Lowe, Vincent Peranio, Pat Moran, and Delores DeLuxe.